Chapter 1 Process of Television Production

The design and layout of most television studios is intended to make those areas efficient work spaces. In some places–New York, for instance–space is always at a premium so it’s important to create studios in economical ways. The same is true everywhere, though. Television studios involve considerable space for the studio and control room, but also for things such as talent dressing rooms, storage, engineering facilities, and office support.

Other considerations must also be given for environmental and sound control, particularly in the studio where microphones are being used. Keeping noise out and providing soundless air conditioning is critical. Temperatures must be kept cooler for the protection of the equipment, but it has to happen without the air inflow making any noise.

Images from the textbook:

Expanded Multi-Camera TV System
Single Camera TV System
Preview Monitor
Control Room
TV Studio
Green Room
Character Generator
Audio Board


Studio Orientation